Monday, December 6, 2010

Mapping the Commons Athens, 4 & 5 December

During the weekend the workshop Mapping the Commons - Athens continued. On Saturday the 4th morning Pablo de Soto and José Pérez de Lama from Hackitectura gave a lecture on cartography examining it as a mode of research, performance, critique and global activism. They referred to different examples of cartography practiced by them as well as by other groups and discussed them highlighting points and directions. Pablo de Soto had brought with him a big archive of printed critical/political/ tactical maps that participants had the opportunity to see.
In the afternoon all participants were split in various teams according to how and what they would like to contribute. 17 themes were selected as the most interesting commons that would be developed into short video case studies by small teams. Furthermore an intense work started on editing the existing material on the online map.

On Sunday the 5th, while the work on editing and enriching the map continued, the teams of the case studies briefly presented their ideas about the videos that will be shot and the scripts that will be used. Discussion between participants took place and the work started with the aim to have the video ready by Tuesday. As part of the day's program two students presented a project of theirs on the demonstrations of remembrance of the 6th of December and discussed how these could be studied as commons also.

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