Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mapping the Commons, Athens, 2 & 3 December

On Thursday the 2nd of December, the workshop Mapping the Commons, Athens started in the Project Room of the Museum. A big group of students and young researchers interested in the theme of the commons joined in for the first day and listened to the presentation of the Hackitectura collective about the theme and the methodology that will be used for the cartography.
Later on, in the afternoon the workshop team headed to Exarchia area to examine and discuss some location examples in situ.

For the second day all participants were assigned to map some examples on the online platform of meipi that is being used for the studying of the commons in the city. Presentations of these entries and discussions on them followed the morning of the second day. Some ambiguous cases raised questions and were the starting point for an interesting and rich dialogue on the very features of the commons. Some of the students incorporated part of their research in the map and explained their point of view.
In the afternoon, the division of work was explained regarding the formation of groups and the division of tasks.

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