Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mapping the Commons, Athens, 6, 7, 8 & December

The program of the workshop became more and more intense as we were reaching the day of the opening for the project. All participants divided in groups were working on their video case studies. Different themes were depicted reflecting different notions of the commons. Each video was presenting a "common", its "actors" , the way, modes of its diffusion and the conflicts around it. Scripts and shooting places had to be decided fast. Some of the participants who were more skilled into editing helped others with their work.
Jose Perez de Lama and Pablo de Soto were supervising the videos, giving advice while Jaime Diez was collaborating with the participants for the inclusion of the videos on the map, technically. Carla Boserman, started a designed structure for the wall which was reflecting the whole process of the workshop.
Another team of people was editing the research map, the entries and translations for its proper appearance.
A number of 18 video entries were finalised by the opening day, all new productions by the participants in collaboration with the artists on the commons. These videos are on display in the project room of the museum as well as the research map is and the blog of the workshop.
On Wednesday the 8th, in the evening the Hackitectura gave a talk in the museum premises
describing previous projects of theirs and focusing especially on the Mapping the Commons, Athens workshop.
During the discussion, the interest to continue the work on the commons, to enrich the map and go further was expressed by Dimitris Papalexopoulos , Ass. Professor of Architecture, while students referred to the pleasure of sharing knowledge and building something in common.

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